Have you bumped with a written strategy in your company? Is not it weird as different words are used indistinctly to refer to the same thing in the text?

Many companies know that modeling can bring advantages during the software development cycle, but the same practice is not being used to model strategy. Someone could argue: what are the benefits?

Some of them are: a standardised communication, avoidance of bias, opportunity to compare the impact between the strategies, its dependencies and/or interdependencies and opportunity to solve problems in the advance. …

Paulo Rosado uses a “motto” (as you can see here) to explain how customers can increase productivity using OutSystems: “Build it Fast, Build it Right and Build it for the Future”. As he is an entrepreneur, it seems that it is his reading of the market. However, (I don’t know if this is a coincidence) this “motto” can be analysed from the business administration perspective.

Productivity Improvement — Imagem de mohamed Hassan por Pixabay

Recent research concluded that big productivity improvements can be achieved without big investments, focusing on good management and knowledge workers’ self-management skills. …

As OutSystems does not provide automatic tool to convert applications from traditional web to reactive, probably you will keep in touch to the same questions that appeared to me:
- should I fix the actual errors before migration?
- what metrics should I use to create an estimative?
- what change in the development?
My experience helped me to answer these question and I am sharing the answers to help you get success in your engagement too.

Evaluate the architecture

You will not want to transfer problems to your new code, right? Yes, but you don’t need to fix all kind of errors…

Microsoft Ignite run on October 22-24, 2020 with a lot of information about Microsoft products and Digital Transformation. I will analyse some tools and professional certifications that can help to expedite this journey.

Power Platform and Low Code

The Power Platform was explained, in Ignite, as based on data that will be used to create any system followed by analysis of it. The result of analysis will be used to act in the sense to improve actual scenarios in the company or automate some tasks or processes. The analogy of the entire cycle is presented in the picture below.

Microsoft Power Platform in a nutshell

When the concept is reassembled as…

In a company you can find many technologies working together into IT ecosystem and if you try to adopt low-code to improve the productivity, you can face the truth that “low-code pricing is confusing”. Trying to help elucidating this problem I will compare the freemium strategy used by OutSystems and Microsoft.

OutSystems and Microsoft Low-Code Pricing Models

Companies and Products

OutSystems came from Paulo Rosado’s idea that would be profitable to move the software development to outside of companies. The low code environment provided by OutSystems uses the same name and enable companies to develop applications for web and mobile about 7 times faster. OutSystems announced its partnership with…

If you read the Togaf 9.2 standard it is easy to realize that a lot of information is there. Start with something simple, at least for me, helps me to improve my understanding. So, I decided to share with you a simplified vision of Togaf to give you an introductory vision of Togaf Enterprise Architecture Development Method (ADM).

I will use 2 approaches to describe a personal and simplified vision of Togaf. The first approach is related to the way the phases can be grouped, according picture below.

Togaf Work Approach — Personal View

Togaf can be grouped in 4 main categories where Scope determines what…

After reading a lot of pages of books and the Togaf 9.2 standard you will realize that a straightforward logic could help you understand more easily Enterprise Architecture repository and its content. Togaf 9.2 standard approach is segmented because it needs to present specific knowledge according each phase. Visual learners, like me, tend to pay more attention to images to create a relationship between the elements during the learning. I will show, through my personal understanding, the interrelationship of repositories images of Togaf 9.2 Standard of Open Group progressing from a generic to the more specific elements.

Enterprise Continuum

Enterprise continuum includes…

In the first quarter of 2020 I had a dilemma to solve: how can I join Windows and Mac to do my work? If you are curious on how I got this dilemma, let me explain it properly.

I acquired a Mac Mini in 2013 to research about graphic design and ways to make videos. It was a try to replace Windows and improve the quality of my work but I didn’t find a good match to Word and Microsoft tools. In 2014, during a research to find ways to improve my productivity, I found OutSystems and there wasn’t any…

Usually I see the same questions and doubts when I work in a new project: How OutSystems(OS) handles the source code version and how it is deployed? How I handle developed code to not be broken into test environment? How can I organize the software developer work to avoid source version control conflict? How many environments I need to create and deliver a system?

OS can be 7x faster to create any system but if you don’t understand the OS context and don’t establish your process, you will pay dearly for your mistakes. I will try to keep this article…

My perception of changes in the low code industry says that big players are investing heavily to take process automation to a new level. OutSystems released case management in its early access program and announced a partnership with Workato. Microsoft made its move too extending PowerApps to Dynamics 365 and rebranded Flow to Power Automate. Microsoft still has Azure and Office tools and intent to invest highly to improve productivity in its products.

All these moves will impact on the type of professional that will handle this changes and today is possible to see the impact in the LinkedIn. Microsoft…

Luciano Schiavo

PMP Certified | Togaf 9 and Business Architecture Certified| LSS Black Belt | Solutions Architect |Productivity Improvement Researcher

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