The Logic Behind a Togaf Repository

Enterprise Continuum
Overview of Architecture Repository
Summary classification model for Architecture Landscapes
  • Strategic Architectures show a long-term summary view of the entire enterprise, provide an organizing framework for operational and change activity and allow for direction setting at an executive level.
  • Segment Architectures provide more detailed operating models for areas within an enterprise, can be used at the program or portfolio level to organize and operationally align more detailed change activity.
  • Capability Architectures show in a more detailed fashion how the enterprise can support a particular unit of capability, are used to provide an overview of current capability, target capability, and capability increments and allow for individual work packages and projects to be grouped within managed portfolios and programs.



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Luciano Schiavo

Luciano Schiavo

PMP Certified | Togaf 9 and Business Architecture Certified| LSS Black Belt | Solutions Architect |Productivity Improvement Researcher